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Terms & Conditions SammTalk Trips




1. Who can travel with SammTalk Trips?

You must be at least 18 years old to travel with us.

2. Booking and payment

All booking must take place through SammTalk AS will offer details about the programme and costs on each trip page. Each trip has a set number of places available and after that SammTalk AS cannot accept more passengers.

3. Discount

There are no discounts available.

4. Cancellations

The payment is not refundable. SammTalk AS highly recommends all passengers to have a valid travel insurance to cover cancellations because of illness, death in the family, etc.

5. Changing reservations

If you need to change your reservation, you may contact SammTalk AS to inquire about the possibility, but there is no requirement for SammTalk AS to make changes to reservations.

 6. Passengers’ responsability

If you have not received an email with information about the trip details one week before the planned departure, please contact us at

Each passenger is totally responsible for getting to the departure point on time and SammTalk AS is not in any way responsible to wait on passengers after the scheduled departure time. SammTalk AS will not refund a passenger for any or all of the trip costs if they miss the scheduled departure time.

A passenger cannot go on a SammTalk AS trip with someone else's ticket. If a person tries to use another person's ticket, SammTalk AS will prevent that person from joining.

Passengers must bring a valid ID on the tour (ex. government issued photo ID, passport, etc.)

If a passenger does not act according to the rules, the tour manager(s) may remove the passenger from the trip. In this instance, the passenger will be let off at the next location where there is a public transport connection. If an incident takes place at a hostel, the passenger may be asked to leave the hostel immediately. If a passenger does not act according to the rules and is made to leave the trip, SammTalk AS is not responsible for providing any refund or for providing other means of transportation or accommodation.

All trip passengers agree that SammTalk AS may use statements or photos/videos of passengers in future websites, leaflets, advertising, and other promotional material. 

7. Cancellation Policy

SammTalk AS will inform travellers of cancellations via email. All money paid for a cancelled tour by SammTalk AS will be returned to the traveler as quickly as possible.

8. Changes and Delays

SammTalk Trips is allowed to change the route or schedule of any of its trips and excursions, as well as to arrange partnerships and bookings with different accommodation, coach companies, and other service providers.

If SammTalk AS changes the route or schedule of a trip in the event of delay, for instance because of weather or mechanical failure, no refunds of any kind will be given. Please note that arrival times are always estimated and sometimes they can change. 

SammTalk AS is not responsible for transportation that passengers have booked on their own to reach starting destinations of trips. To avoid problems, we recommend leaving at least 4-hour gap between the planned arrival and further transportation, or to view your route to our starting point well ahead of the time you would need to leave to meet us.

9. Our Partners

Independent companies like hostels and coaches sometimes offer activities which we will inform you of through our trip materials or which might sometimes be presented by our trip hosts or drivers. SammTalk AS is not responsible for the actions or performances of these partner companies. If you would like to complain to us about your experience with one of our partners, please e-mail us at or the Tourist Administration or Consumer Authorities for each country where the infringement of contract happen. 

10. Optional Activities

Some trips contain optional activities. These can be booked when you go through the online registration process. 

Our tour guide(s) are in charge of contacting the host organisations for confirming and negotiating the details of optional, add-on trips. If there are remaining open spots, the tour guide(s) will give passengers who have not already booked the possibility to do so on that day.

If you have signed up for an optional, add-on activity you must take part in that activity, or you will have paid for it without participation. If you have the tour guides(s) book for you, and you do not show up, you will still have to pay since they will have reserved a spot for you.

11. Price changing

SammTalk AS has the right to change the price for a trip or excursions on their website. No passenger will be asked to pay any extra once their reservation is made.

12. Meals

Meal are usually not included on the trips unless the itineraries say otherwise. Passengers will have the possibility to cook and/or arrange a dinner in a shared kitchens or go out for a meal (if location allows). SammTalk AS does not take any responsibility for these meals or the money collected for the meals.

13. Accommodation

Passengers who break or damage anything in accommodation booked by SammTalk AS will be responsible for paying the replacement or repair costs. If something if broken or damaged in a shared room / apartment, and the person or people responsible do not admit to having caused the break or damage, all those in the shared room / apartment will have to share the cost unless it becomes clear who is responsible.

Passengers who are being harmful towards another person or others on the trip, excessively loud, or in someway causing problems for other people in the accommodation, including other passengers can be - at the judgement of the trip guides - asked to immediately leave the accommodation. In this case, SammTalk AS will not book other accommodation for this passenger or provide reimbursement for the trip.

14. Complaints

If a passenger is dissatisfied during a SammTalk AS trip, please report it immediately to the tour guide(s) or email us at