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Taylor Sawyer

Taylor is a sociologist who created SammTalk to improve educational experiences and teaching methods. Aside from being a PhD researcher, she is also learning Spanish and Norwegian. If you can't find her in the SammTalk office, she's probably out running or inventing a new bread recipe.


Ander Delgado Sáiz

Ander was driven to create SammTalk because of his experience as a teacher and his conviction that motivation is the key to success in the language learning process. When he's not busy reading about acquisition, he's watching polyglots' videos or searching for flights on Skyscanner.

location coordinators

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Bea Martínez Higuera 
Madrid coordinator

Bea is a Spanish and English teacher who has been living in Oslo for 4 years and who recently moved back to her hometown, Madrid. She is fascinated with first and second language acquisition, dialectology and language history. When she’s not walking around visiting bookshops and cafés, you can find her at the movies or a concert hall.


Susana Zanón Monzó
Valencia coordinator

Susana is an English teacher and translator based in the sunny Valencia. She loves learning languages, travelling, and playing sports!


Graciana Moreno
Argentina Coordinator

Graciana is an English teacher with wide experience in teaching English through drama. She lives in Buenos Aires and spends most of her free time performing short plays in her neighbourhood!


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José Estrella Campaña
Software Advisor

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Lauren Starre Guido
oslo Startup advisor


Claudia Bratsberg-Olsen
legal Advisor


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