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What if my school does not have computers with cameras and microphones?

If your students have their own computer which they can bring and use, then it is ok. If this is not the case, perhaps you can ask the administration at your school to purchase computers. If this is not possible, then your class will not be able to participate.

What if my school has computers, but there are no cameras and microphones?

(See answer above.)

Can my students use their mobile phones or tablets instead of computers?

Based on previous experiences, we do not allow student to use mobile phones or tablets.

What if my school does not have a good enough WiFi connection?

A good WiFi connection is crucial for your participation in SammTalk. If your school does not have a WiFi download speed of 50MB, perhaps you can ask the tech team at your school to find a solution. If this is impossible, unfortunately, your class cannot take part.

Who decides how many sessions we must have?

It is entirely up to the teachers to decide it. 

Do we (the teachers) have to use all the activities SammTalk provides to us?

Not at all. The activities are meant to not give extra work to teachers. However, you can always suggest to your partner teacher using some of your own material.


My students are very shy or too scared! How can I convince them to give it a go?

Languages are about communication! All our students are scared in the beginning, but after the first two minutes of the first day, they gain confidence. Plus, we design our activities so students have the basics they need to get talking. They're never going to be stuck in front of a stranger with nothing to talk about! 

My students are A2/B1 level, but I am not sure if they can communicate. Should we try SammTalk?

Yes! This is the perfect opportunity for students to start communicating. We provide question sets (which you can give them in advance in case they want to prepare their answers) and other activities which won't put students on the spot. Our goal is to make students realise that they CAN communicate. 

Do my students work in groups or individually?

It is up to the teachers to decide how students work. However, we recommend your students work in pairs, at least, during the first sessions.

What if my students are younger than 14 years old?

Unfortunately, we only work with students aged 14-19.


Is there a deadline to register?

Yes. These are the 20th of September and the 1st of January.

What if I register and then some information about my class changes before you find a partner class for me?

No problem! Just send us an email at notifying that the last register was wrong. We will delete the info from the database and you will need to register the class again.


The foreign class I have been assigned has tech problems (image, sound, Wi-Fi). What should I do?

Give them some time to solve the problem. The SammTalk Team will talk to them and try to fix it. If there is no way to solve it, we will assign you another class.

What should I do if I am having problems with Appear.In?

Appear.In has a great FAQ page. Visit their site to get help.


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