Curriculum Overview


SammTalk is made by teachers, for teachers, with the aim of improving language education in schools. The three central aims of the SammTalk curriculum are communication, motivation, and openness. The process and activities provided by SammTalk are built around these aims.


The SammTalk curriculum is designed to align well with most modern languages text books. Activities are open ended, allowing students of all levels to participate. Topics include family, food, city, school, hobbies, sports, music, television, film, preferences, and travel.


SammTalk Provides:

Registered classes with a partner class (as available) that has students of about the same age, and with some overlapping class time. All teachers and students will be given access to a secure digital platform which is managed by SammTalk (as of autumn 2019). Activities are provided, as is support for arranging the schedule of activities.

Schools Should Have:

Access to computers and/or tablets, laptops, or mobile phones with a wifi connection. Teachers should have 20 - 60 minutes every two weeks to integrate SammTalk activities into their lessons (this is flexible - partner teachers work together to decide what to do, when).


Teachers must prepare and create expectations for their students by explaining about the value of a digital exchange, taking time to discuss activities before and after, and ensuring most students respond to most activities. Partner teachers must communicate with each other throughout the project to coordinate some in-class activities and to communicate problems.

Students should be open to practicing their target language through creating and sharing videos and texts, as well as preparing for and engaging in some video chat sessions.


For teachers:

Personal moderator account on secure digital platform, range of activities to choose from, ability to see all students’ posts, ability to see which students have responded to which activities

Support from SammTalk with arranging and scheduling activities, and support with questions and difficulties that cannot be solved together partner teacher

For students:

Personal student account on secure digital platform, assigned small group on platform, ability to upload content and post in group

Possibility to join SammTalk student advisory team


SammTalk conducts bi annual surveys with all students involved in programme to gather feedback and understand how the curriculum is working towards communication, motivation, and openness. We also interview select teachers 1 - 2 times per year for additional feedback on the overall process.